Copyright Policy

All images and previews are under copyright protection. They may not be downloaded, copied, printed, or scanned for electronic use or be reproduced in any manner without the written consent of Andrea Rees. The Low Resolution images that you "purchase" may not be copied, printed, scanned for electronic use or reproduced in any manner by yourself or any other party without the written consent of Andrea Rees. Usage Licenses and/or High Resolution files may be purchased. You may share the images via email or the Internet if a CD with low resolution images has been gifted to you. Please be sure you understand the copyright information presented to you. Failure to comply could result in legal fines.

Digital Files

Digital files may be purchased and cropped to various sizes. Usage documentation will be included. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

It is recommended and encouraged that you back up your CD/DVD contents to your personal computer, external hard drive or other CD or DVDs as digital media may degrade over time. There are archival CD/DVDs that are available that say they will last 300 years, but since digital media is relatively new there is no true way to tell. The best method is to continuously back up. It is also best to store your media in cooler, less humid areas of your home.

How long do you keep the images?

All ordered portraits are archived for 18 months. Unordered proofs are purged after 3 months. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, but will be honoured at the time of booking. To order at a later time, a reposting fee of $150 is required which will go towards your portrait order. If you do not order portraits, 50% of the reposting fee will be refunded.

Portrait Credits & Discounts

All portrait credits must be redeemed per session and may not be carried over to another session. Any discounts (i.e. “all portraits are 10% off”) must be redeemed before your Proofs Website expires if you are ordering via email or at your Ordering & Design appointment. You are not eligible for these discounts after this deadline, no exceptions.

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