The Gift of an Ordinary Day

I came across this beautiful video and wanted to share it. It’s a reading from Katrina Kenison’s book The Gift of an Ordinary Day. This will especially resonate with moms of tweens, teens and children who have left the home. To moms of younger children, it will serve as a great reminder to cherish and photograph those perfectly ordinary days.

Some of my favourite quotes from the video/book:

“Savour every minute of the life you have right now, a family dinner, you and the kids all squeezed on to the couch to watch a movie, a cup of tea in the kitchen before bed, saying goodnight in person. If motherhood teaches us anything it’s that we can’t change our children, we can only change ourselves. So instead of wishing that the kids could be different somehow you try to see everyday what’s already good in each of them and to love that.”

“The book shelf in my own living room is full of photo albums, nearly 20 years worth of well documented birthday cakes and holidays, piano recitals and little league games, but the memories I find myself sifting through the past to find, the ones I’d give anything now to relive are the ones that no one ever thought to photograph.

The ones that came and went as softly as a breeze on a summer afternoon.

It’s taken awhile but I certainly do know it now the most wonderful gift I had, the gift I finally learned to cherish above all else was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days.”

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ps grab some tissues