Watching Them Grow | Toronto, Mississauga Family Photography

One of my favourite things about what I do is seeing the babies I photograph grow up. Many of ‘my babies’ grow up to be big brothers or sisters. P first came to me when she was still inside mommy’s belly and about 10 days or so after she was born. That was over 2 1/2 years ago. Now P is a big sister to her baby brother Q, who is 9 months old.

It was really great to see this family again and to see P as a little girl, she was darling. Have to say that the toddler years (age 1-3) are usually the most challenging for photographers. Simply, they have a mind of their own and are mobile so naturally they want to explore. However, P was such a willing subject. I think she was just happy to be photographed with her baby brother, what love she has for him. Here she is at about 10 days old and again at 2 1/2 years old. Meet Baby Q her little brother, adorable right?!

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