Baby's First Year Club

Your baby's first year is such a precious time. Your baby will grow so quickly and changes that your baby will make in his/her first year are truly remarkable. Your baby's growth and development will be documented as well as your baby's personality and spirit as it is revealed will be captured.

Remember this special time with natural, artistic and emotive portraits of your little one. The first session can begin as early as pregnancy and continues to your child's first birthday.

Popular sessions are maternity, newborn (first 4 weeks), 6 months (sitting on their own) and 12-16 months (walking). A minimum of 3 sessions is required.

Club options may include Albums, Coffee Table Storybook, Wall Portraits, Storyboards, Slideshows for your PC or DVD, Birth Announcements and more.

Please contact us at 416.907.9827 for further details.

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